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Welcome to our resource page, dedicated to providing practical and accessible downloadable PDFs and images for kids and schools. This collection offers educational and entertaining materials that are both informative and engaging. Designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, these resources aim to support learning and spark curiosity in a straightforward manner.

Browse and find useful tools to enhance the educational experience for children and facilitate teaching in schools. Download as you please.

Leadbeater’s Possum School Informational Resource Booklet


Leadbeater’s Possum Resource Document

Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum information brochure


Leadbeater’s Possum Information Flier

Make a Leadbeater’s Possum Finger Puppet


Leadbeater’s Possum Finger Puppet

Decorate a Leadbeater’s Possum Mask


Leadbeater’s Possum Mask

Colour in Leadbeater’s Possum by award winning wildlife artist Liz Cogley


Leadbeater’s Possum Colouring Sheet

LBP circular sticker

Colour in, cut out and make your favourite Leadbeater’s Possum badge or sticker

Colour In Leadbeater’s Possums


Colour in Leadbeater’s Possums

Leadbeater’s Possum Word Search


Leadbeater’s Possum Word Search

Leadbeater’s Possum Crossword Puzzle


Leadbeater’s Possum Crossword Puzzle

Make a Leadbeater’s Possum Ribbon to Wear

It celebrates Eric Wilkinson’s rediscovery on 3rd April 1961 of Leadbeater’s Possums at Cambarville (near Marysville). Before then it had not been seen alive for more than 50 years and was presumed extinct.

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7, Friends of Leadbeater's Possum Inc

To make you own special ribbon, with a cute possum peeping out, follow these easy instructions.

You need some GREEN ribbon about 1.5 cms wide. Cut a piece 21 cms. long; or you can use green paper; just cut the ribbon shape (a long rectangle, with end trimmed into points), 21 cms long x 1.5 cms wide.

If you don’t have green ribbon or green paper, print your own using the attached Green Ribbons x 12 below the instructions. This will make 12 ribbons (for you and your friends).

1. Print and cut out the possums on the sheet below these instructions.

Hint: You can make your possums stronger (especially the tail) by putting sticky-tape on the back. It is easier to do this before you cut them out.
YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7, Friends of Leadbeater's Possum Inc

2. Holding the right tip of the ribbon in your right hand, twist the other end around and over the front to get the curved loop. When you are happy with the shape fix it in position with a small piece of tape or a dab of glue.

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7, Friends of Leadbeater's Possum Inc

3. Place the possum inside the loop of the ribbon (white side out!), so that its head is pointing up and the tail is on the left.

Glue or staple the possum and the ribbon together.

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7, Friends of Leadbeater's Possum Inc

4. Fold the possum’s head down over the crossed ribbons and fold its tail across the front.

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7, Friends of Leadbeater's Possum Inc

5. Use a small safety pin to attach your ribbon.

6. Wear your Leadbeater’s Possum Awareness Week Ribbon with pride!

Tell all your friends about the unique Leadie, Victoria’s Faunal Emblem.

Green Ribbons x12

Leadbeater’s Possum Ribbon Artwork, Two Pieces